About Britton Court

Britton Court was built and 1997 by a local real estate investor and builder.  At the time, most off campus housing options were limited to single family homes in the town of Shippensburg that were converted into college housing.  Britton Court is different because it was built specifically to provide housing for college students. 

The original builder wanted to create student housing in Shippensburg because he knew there was a need for quality off campus housing.  He also knew that most important decision was where to build the housing in relation to the university.  After looking into several locations he ultimately choose Britton Court because of the nearly perfect location. 

When Britton Court was first constructed there were woods behind the complex.  The woods added to the allure of the complex.  Trails through the woods connected Britton Court with the "Goat Path" and Frat Row.  Recently the woods have been cut down and replaced with a university parking lot.  Not really as interesting but the additional lighting provides more security and safety.   

Britton Court was sold in 2017.  The new ownership is only the 2nd owner of Britton Court.  They are excited to continue the longstanding tradition of excellence that Britton Court has become known for.