Trenton Property Management

Trenton is a great market to invest with a really strong ratio of rent to purchase price.  SlateHouse is rapidly expanding in the NJ market based on a great full time maintenance team, experienced local property managers, and the best group of technology platforms in property management.  

SlateHouse manages property in Trenton and the surrounding area a for 7-10% management fee and a one time fee of 50% of rent to find a tenant.  

Trenton Real Estate Meetup

Come check out the Trenton Real Estate Meetup --- founded by BiggerPockets writers Chad Gallagher and Matt Faircloth.

DeRosa Group Partnership

SlateHouse and Matt Faircloth have a wide partnership in Trenton to educate investors via a monthly meetup, built an office complex in Trenton for real estate investors, and continue to improve property management in the Trenton area.

Local Trenton Office

Tenants can pay rent at the local dropbox at 354 S Broad St, Suite 101, Trenton, NJ 08608