Philadelphia Property Management

Pricing for Philadelphia Property Management: SlateHouse is rapidly growing it's property management division in the Philadelphia metro area.  SlateHouse manages both in the city of Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs.  SlateHouse charges 7% as a management fee and 50% of one months rent for management in Philadelphia.  

Business Tax License: The first thing you need to do as an investor is get a Philadelphia Business Tax Account Number.  There is not a charge for this. You can apply here:    

Philadelphia commercial activity license: Once you have a business tax license, you need to get the commercial activity license.  This is free and can be done online here:  

Rental License: Once you have a Philadelphia tax # and a commercial activity license, you need to apply for a rental license.  Rental License is $55 per unit. You can renew it every year online here:

Certificate of Rental Suitability:  You need to obtain a certificate of renters suitability issued by Department of Licenses and Inspections no more than 60 days before move in. This is free and can be done online. The tenant must receive a signed copy.

Get a Certificate of Rental Suitability for the property and give it to your new tenant:

Certification of Lead Safe Status: If the property was built prior to 1978 and any tenants are aged six years or under, you need a lead safe certificate. To get that certification, you will have to pay for a certified lead inspector to do testing of the unit (which may cost anywhere from $190 to $300 a unit).  

Fire Alarm + Extinguisher Inspection: For 3+ unit properties, owners need to do annual fire alarm inspection and fire extinguishers inspection

Evictions: To typically win an eviction in Philadelphia, you need to have the following: a Certificate of Rental Suitability, Partner for Good Housing Handbook, Philadelphia Housing License, Notice to Vacate, and Lease. You may only file on the months where you had an active rental license.  You’ll notice most of these were listed in the above section.

Technology: SlateHouse was honored to be a featured speaker at multiple local real estate expos including the Mid Atlantic Summit in Philadelphia, put on by Dave Van Horn, and the Philadelphia REIA, led by Nick Tang, to cover the evolving role of technology in property management. 

BiggerPockets: SlateHouse is also a guest blogger at BiggerPockets covering technology in the real estate space.  

Reach out to our local, Philadelphia-based General Manager at for more information!