Lancaster, PA: Property Management Headquarters

800 New Holland Ave, 2nd Floor, Lancaster, PA 17602

Lancaster Property Management

Lancaster, Pennsylvania is SlateHouse Group's headquarters and where SlateHouse Group originally launched.  Lancaster continues to be a hot market for real estate and we work with investors of all sizes in the area.  Rentals rarely sit vacant and there are plenty of other investors in the county making it easy to sell an investment property when the time is right for you.  

Leasing rates in Lancaster are 50% of one months rent, and we guarantee the tenant will be there for at least 6 months or the next tenant is on us.   For monthly property management, we charge 6% of the monthly rent.  There are no hidden fees, even for evictions.  For more on rates, please check out:

We cover both the inner city of Lancaster, and all surrounding towns in Lancaster county.  Included in our portfolio are many low income houses in Lancaster city (this is actually where we got our start) and also the other extreme of high-end country club estates.  We make sure that all tenants and owners receive the best service, regardless of the property. 

Local Recommendations

We are thrilled to have been featured in the Lancaster Newspaper for our work with the Amish in Lancaster and to be featured by Thumbtack as Best in Customer Service.   

"The people at Slatehouse are a real good group of young professionals that take the job seriously. They are up to date on the latest technologies and use them to there advantage. Their rates are competitive and they do their best to rectify issues in a most timely fashion, whether they be from the property owner or the tenant. We couldn't be happier with the job they do. We would highly recommend Slatehouse if you're looking for someone to manage your property."

Ray F. , via Thumbtack, Lancaster Real Estate Investor

Local Real Estate Investors Mastermind Meetup

SlateHouse is honored to be a monthly presenter at the Lancaster Real Estate Investor Mastermind Meetup.  For more information or to meet SlateHouse in person, please check out the meetup page here: 

Local Property Managers

There are 5 awesome local property managers in Lancaster county.  They form a great team of covering the city of Lancaster and all surrounding areas of the county to get you the best service possible and a price to save investors a lot of money each year.  

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