How does a Property Management Company make the community better?

How Can a Property Management Company Make a Community Better?

If you check out reviews of most property management companies, it’s not exactly a bunch of Log Cabin 5 star reviews.  You can’t ever make everyone happy all the time, but we were surprised how many people hate PM companies.  As a PM company, we want to see the community thrive and want to make the community better in anyway possible.  Here are a few things we are working on to improve the community….

Donate Left-over Tenant Belongings to Local Non-Profits.  Bikes.  Tables.  Clothes.  Shoes.  Even beds!  You’d be shocked how much stuff is left in a lot of houses when tenants move out.  We are constantly partnering with local non-profits (and looking to add more!) to make sure that as much of this stuff as possible gets into the hands of less fortunate people in the community.

Take Tenant Screening Seriously.  In many ways, a PM company is a lot like the local border patrol.  We believe it’s incredibly important to a community that a property manager does the best job possible to get a renter that will pay bills on time and be a positive addition to the community and local economy.

Make sure tenants keep the property in decent shape.   You know that yard that hasn’t been mowed in 4 years?  Or the sidewalk that is never shoveled in the winter?  Nobody likes a neighbor like that…. And ultimately it’s up to a PM company to ensure that things stay under control.

Repair house issues.   A neighbor that has a leaky roof can quickly cause issues to the entire row of houses as water gets behind walls and under roofs.  House values are directly impacted by the condition of neighboring houses, and PM companies have a major role in maintain the properties under their watch.

Take tenants complaints seriously.  About once a week we get a complaint from a tenant about another tenant in the building.   By now, we’ve heard it all.  Late night dancers at midnight to a parrot that won’t shut up during the day.  Our asks of tenants are simple --- be reasonable community members to your neighbors and we do our best to encourage tenants to respect the other tenants in the house.