Philadelphia Property Management

Pricing: SlateHouse is rapidly growing it's property management division in the Philadelphia metro area.  SlateHouse manages both in the city of Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs.  SlateHouse charges 7% as a management fee (6% if rent is greater than $1000 a month) and 50% of one months rent for management in Philadelphia.  

Maintenance: One of the best benefits of SlateHouse is full time maintenance technicians.  Plumbers, Roofers, HVAC, Electricians, Carpenters, and more..... all as full-time employees to keep costs down and quality up.  

Local Dropbox: SlateHouse has a local dropbox at the Foremost Building.  517 S 4th St, Unit 477, Philadelphia, PA 19147

Technology: SlateHouse was honored to be a featured speaker at the Mid Atlantic Summit in Philadelphia, put on by Dave Van Horn, to cover the evolving role of technology in property management.  You can view the archives here:  

BiggerPockets: SlateHouse is also a guest blogger at BiggerPockets covering technology in the real estate space.  

Reach out to our local, Philadelphia-based General Manager at for more information!