The Lofts at Savoy is the premier rental community in the area.  The Lofts at Savoy is made of up 49 units of varying sizes and layouts.  This community is ideally situated on over 5 acres of land.  The open common area provides tenants with a unique combination of nature and downtown conveniences.  The Lofts at Savoy is located just blocks from the center of Elizabethtown.  


History:  In 1763 Frederick Zetty bought a lot on land just south of the square and from then on shoemaking was a big part of Elizabethtown up until 1979.  Originally, the shoes were all handmade.  As technology changed in the 1900's shoes were able to be mass produced.  At this time there were 4 different shoemakers in town.  The Savoy Shoe Factory was one of these factories.  Unfortunately, the shoe factories of Elizabethtown could not complete with low labor and material prices from foreign counties.  More and More shoes were being imported and eventually in 1979 the last factory closed it's doors.  Even though the factory was long closed the architectural appeal of the Savoy Shoe Factory could not denied. The factory was converted into 49 mostly loft style 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments.