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SlateHouse Cleaning

SlateHouse Cleaning offers 2 main services.  (1) Residential cleaning for homeowners who would like a regular cleaning of their home and (2) Apartment cleaning for landlords who need their apartments cleaned between tenants.  SlateHouse Cleaning stands strong on professionalism.  We thoroughly screen all of our cleaners because we understand how important security and safety is to our clients.  We do local, state and federal criminal back checks.  We will not employ anyone that has a criminal record.  

Quality Work

There is nothing worse than paying someone to clean your home and then being disappointed by their work.  

SlateHouse Guarantee - We promise you will be satisfied with our work or we will come back and re-clean for no additional cost.

GPS Accountability - Ever feel like your cleaner was only at your house half as long as they were suppose to be?  Our cleaners are GPS monitored through their self phones.  This holds our cleaners accountable for whereabouts and provides more transparency for our owners.





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Paperless/Pay Online

The process can be paperless.  Schedule service online. Once the job is complete you'll get an invoice.  You can pay online with a credit card if you prefer.